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One of the best ways to overhaul worn-out drains and plumbing in your home, professional pipe relining services – like the ones we offer here at Silverwater Plumbing – are a great way to rehabilitate your plumbing system and breathe new life into all your drains, improving their efficiency and their longevity without breaking your bank account along the way.

On top of that, you’re able to save a mountain of money compared to the always costly and time intensive process of digging up your old or potentially damaged pipes and replacing them completely.

At the same time, you want to make sure that you are hiring professionals to handle your pipe relining services. This isn’t the kind of project you can afford to roll the dice on, and certainly not the kind of project that you want to have amateurs tinkering around with.

Pipe Relining VS Replacement

There are a whole host of reasons to go with drain pipe relining services from a top-tier pipe relining company like our own here at Silverwater Plumbing, but the biggest advantages have to be:

  • A minimal disruption of your property
  • A cost-effective solution that really works
  • A much faster turnaround time
  • Improved durability for your existing plumbing supply
  • A safer solution that you can depend on for years and years to come

Right out of the gate, trenchless sewer repair and trenchless pipe repair is ALWAYS going to be a lot less invasive to your property. You aren’t going to have to do any digging, you aren’t going to have to do any excavating, and you aren’t going to have to higher crews to come in with heavy equipment driving all over your property to tear up your lawn and your pipes in an effort to replace them later down the line.

Because you don’t have to deal with all of that headache, that hassle, that frustration, and that much equipment you also don’t have to deal with as many expenses, either.

Trenchless pipe replacement solutions are a lot more cost effective, thanks to the lower level of labor involved in the fact that you don’t have to completely replace pipes wholesale throughout your plumbing system

Trenchless plumbing solutions can also be knocked out a lot faster than more traditional plumbing repair and replacement solutions. Relining your pipes gives you the opportunity to rehabilitate your plumbing solution in difficult to reach and hard to access areas of your plumbing system, and the installation process is a lot faster than digging up your plumbing and replacing it completely.

Drain pipe relining solutions are also a lot more durable than trying to cut damaged areas out of your old plumbing and hoping that the rest of the system will hold up over time. The addition of the epoxy resin pipe that is used by professional pipe relining company experts like our own at Silverwater Plumbing tears up quickly, provides a rock solid and durable finish, he is going to make sure that the entirety of your pipes that are relined are protected – regardless of whether or not they had already failed were going to fail in the near future.

Looking for experts to help replace sewer line without digging, or just want to make sure that your ancient plumbing system is up to par and ready for another few decades of reliable use, you’ll want to contact us ASAP to take advantage of our pipe relining solutions.


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I had Cameron come around to do a bypass on some blocked drains. I found him to be honest and courtesy. He told me how to save money by bypassing the blocked drains rather than spending a lot of money cleaning or replacing them. I had another quote which was $2500 more expensive.

I would recommend Silverwater Plumbing for there honestly and fair prices.

Russell M, Carlingford.

Conscientious at work.
Easy to communicate.
Will follow up on work.
Good manners.


I recommend Silverwater plumbing. Very polite and professional. Communicated clearly the problem and provided up front costs. Performed the job well and left everything clean and tidy.

Andrew M

Very meticulous to get the job done first time right, thorough, efficient and cost effective. I will call him again for future projects.he came across friendly so I felt comfortable during the work

Javed A

I would have no hesitation recommending Silverwater Plumbing to any builder developer I worked with them on a 15 storey high rise 239 unit project as the head foreman on site they were always willing to please with any requests I had, their work was extremely neat and they always met my program.

They completed stack work, rough in and fit off with ease.

Con K

Efficient, professional conduct, and honest. Good communication too. Happy with the work done. Thank you.

Pauline C

Very happy. From the initial inquiry to final payment. Excellent service delivered on his promises and showed great care and courtesy to our home and us. I would not hesitate to use them again and recommend them to anyone.

Nicholas S

they come in quickly, provide professional job service, give an excellent after work service and they're very polite from start to end. EXCELLENT, RECOMMEND TO EVERYONE!!!

Sheril M

Kamran was very professional and did a good quality job on our investment property. He was easy to communicate with and reliable. He went the extra mile to fix an old drain, which was no longer on market. Highly recommend Silverwater Plumbing!

Ayesha K

Excellent service! I called and was given about an hour to be there. They came right on time as promised. They recommended the right hot-water system for us and they also give me a reasonable up front price.

They finished the work promptly and accurately. Highly recommended

Sajid Shaikh

Excellent service! Professional and reliable.
Plumbed and installed a new dishwasher. Extremely happy with the result. Will definitely use again!

Niamh Maher

Hi everyone very good service from Kamran. Nice and friendly with good price.

Sarwar Sharief

Excellent work! Very quick to respond and very thorough.

P Mac

Great service, highly punctual, and was out to my place in 30 minutes.

Well definitely use these guys again. !

Ollie A

Excellent service at affordable price. These guys were on time and completed everything within the budget. I would highly recommend their service.

Aswad Rehan

Very good job. Asked for regular tempering valve replacement, and was much cheaper than competitors. Ended up needing to modify the pipework and final bill still cheaper.
Would recommend!

Dawid Ng

Very professional service. Toilet was leaking and I had no hot water pressure in bathroom sink. Both problems were fixed promptly and the bathroom was left nice and clean. Will definitely be using Silverwater Plumbing again. A+

Bree Sommer

These guys were great. On time, reasonably priced and just super reliable. My leaking toilet was fixed and they cleaned up the mess too. Thank you again!

Tru Terrance

Very happy with the work, level of service and price. Kam is honest and reliable. I highly recommend Silverwater Plumbing.

Margie Clay

I found silver water plumbing on google, I rang them in the morning and had them come out the same day, and fix my sewer issue, they really respected mg property by wearing shoe covers every time they walked through the house to get to the backyard, I would definitely recommend this plumbing service to my friends and family. A+

Steph Tee

Had a busted water heater with no hot water. Placed a call to Karman as everyone I called on that day was busy. After speaking to Karman he said " love to help but I am booked out all day ".

After some negotiating we came to an agreement. He turned up on time as he said he would "after hours". Absolute champion.

He replaced my tank, changed two washers in dripping taps in my unit & took the old tank away. Was neat, tidy & pricing was very fair.

Michael Brain, Bellevue Hill

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