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Rain Water Tanks

The harvesting of rainwater in tanks has become a popular method of water storage for many households and buildings. Collected water is used for many purposes like watering plants, washing, farming irrigation, washing clothes, washing cars, and other uses. The water can also be used as drinking water, but it must be processed before it is palatable. Silverwater Plumbing is your source for rainwater tank sales, installation and repairs.

The harvesting of rainwater from your rooftops is the easiest method of collecting water. This can be done by using gutters and a pipe which carries it to a container or other storage system. The size of the storage system you use is greatly dependent on the amount of water you need. Harvesting rainwater is an excellent practise as it allows you to conserve and save water. Rain Water at times will contain debris the best way of preventing this is by using a filter to trap possible contaminants that may come from the roof. The first rainfall of the season should always be allowed to clean the roof before you start collecting the water.

If you live in an area where water is scarce harvesting rainwater is an excellent practice. Harvesting rainwater tanks in Sydney greatly helps with conservation. Rainwater is nature’s way of recharging underground water supplies. During periods of prolonged drought the water table sheds most of its water. Long periods of drought are followed by heavy periods of rain fall.

Rainwater tanks can be installed above ground and underground and prices will varying depending on size. Contact Silverwater Plumbing to discuss your needs today.

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