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Gas Leak Detection

LPG has become one of the most popular sources of energy for commercial and residential customers. Although there are advantages there are also disadvantages with one of the greatest being its unpredictable nature of LPG when the correct precautions are not maintained. Gas leak detection must be done as quickly as possible to be adverted and avoid possible catastrophes. Silverwater Plumbing provide gas leak detection services in Sydney and surrounding areas.

Safety Precautions when using LPG

One of the first principles to keep in mind is that gas leaks will occur when they are least expected. To prevent possible explosions and fire risks, keep doors and windows open when you smell gas and turn off the mains, the electricity to the house and unplug the telephone line. Notify all the occupants in the building of the potential threat so that all can vacate the building. Contact the company that deals with your plumbing. Do not strike a candle and or use lighters when you smell gas leaks. It is crucial to contact a Sydney gas leak detection services provider to ensure your safety.

How to Find a Gas Leak

One of the first ways and most common ways to detect a gas leak is by its smell. A gas leak smell will have a very strong odor. Special care should be taken as too often people will confuse the smell of gas for something else. Another way to find signs of a gas leak is by using a soap solution to detect. Once you mix the soap solution apply it to the jointing on the LPG pipes this will confirm if there is a leak.

Plumbers also have special equipment to assist with this process.For cases where the leak is present at the valve the standard soap test may not work and it will be necessary to call the services of an expert.


Finally you may not be able to locate all the plumbing supplies that are necessary for gas leaks. Keep in mind the process it usually complex and will require the experience of a professional to be successful. All homes and business owners should have a gas leak detector installed.

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