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Blocked Drains

Fix Your Blocked Drains – From $79* Sydney Wide!

Our team of professional plumbers with hi-tech tools will clear any blocked drains and sewers in a flash. Whether it’s an emergency or routine call, phone us today!

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There is no job too big or small:

  • CCTV Camera Inspections
  • Toilet Blockages
  • Emergency Drainage Solutions
  • Don’t Dig Up Your Pipes with Our Relining Technology
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  • Sewerage & waste water
  • Sewer Jetter Machine, or Electic Eel Available
  • Burst Water Pipes, Broken Sewer Pipes and Waste Disposals

Are you looking for the best way to clear drains? Silverwater Plumbing are a reputable and reliable plumbing service who are blocked drain experts. No blocked drain is too hard for us as we carry the most advanced and sophisticated plumbing tools to get the job done quickly. For most homeowners, plumbing is an afterthought as they spend little time thinking about their plumbing needs. The truth is plumbing disasters do happen and without picking a professional plumber, more harm can be done then good.

Blocked and clogged drains are a nasty problem, can happen in the kitchen, bathroom or shower and are often caused due to buildup of grease particles or plant roots that have found their way into the pipes. Without an understanding or experience in the causes of blockages, you are not fully equipped to fix and repair the problem. A reliable plunger is a good first line of defence, but many times the job requires a tougher technique like an electric eel or high pressure water jet.

The first process of unblocking a blocked drain pipe is drainage. If your traditional methods such as plungers or drain cleaning liquids do not work,then you will need to contact us for guidance and assistance.

Our team of experts will determine the cause of the blocked drain, give you a cost of the drain unblocking and remedy the situation ensuring the highest quality of work performed. Our plumbers are fully qualified and licenced with years of experience in the plumbing industry. We have an extensive range of tools that are designed specifically for the use of blocked drains like our high pressure water jet, which forces any blockages loose and features the ability to drill and cut out any item that is offending. Our technicians are highly trained and skilled and will have your plumbing problem solved in no time. Whether a blocked toilet drain or pipes have been invaded by roots, we have the blocked drain solutions to clear a blocked drain.

With the common threat of water shortage, all household plumbing supplies have been designed to provide maximum efficiency while reducing cost. If you are using outdated plumbing equipment you should consider upgrading your equipment to efficient replacements to fix a clogged drain.

A blocked drain is no fun. To unblock blocked drain issues in no time, Silverwater Plumbing can help.

Using the latest drain blocking equipment, Cam fixed my blockage in no time!

Mark Greenfield

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