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Bathroom Renovations

Silverwater Plumbing offer years of experience in bathroom renovations and plumbing, serving Sydney, Australia with outstanding workmanship and quality products.

Our expert tradesmen are a professional team of talented and experienced experts who pay attention to even the simplest details who help design, create and deliver outstanding bathroom renovations.

Silverwater Plumbing offer Sydney home and business owners, affordable bathroom renovations. Our network of trade suppliers is extensive, providing our customers with high quality and high selection in fixtures, appliances and fittings. Our expertise in the plumbing industry allows us to be the complete professional you depend on.

Our Sydney plumbers are skilled in bathroom renovation plumbing. Our services include:

  • Disconnecting, repositioning and reconnection of all bathroom plumbing fittings and fixtures
  • Plan, schedule and manage all plumbing related renovation tasks
  • First rate bathroom renovation plumbing resolutions

Bathroom renovation can be complex. Tradespersons must be fully coordinated and your plumbing professionals must be fully qualified. The necessary tools, techniques and experience are all necessary to ensure quality workmanship and a job performed on schedule.

How Long Will a Renovation Take?

Bathroom renovations Sydney vary, depending on the complexity of the ob. Most often, you can epect a schedule something like this:

Initial Visit

We disconnect all existing fixtures

Second Visit

We move waste and water pipes into their new positions. We then install the bath and in-wall mixer taps, if applicable and mud the walls and concrete the floor, preparing it for the tillers.

Third Visit

After the tilers have completed their work, we then revisit to fit basin, vanity, toilets, showers and all other fixtures.
Bathroom renovations require expertise and special attention. All details, no matter how small, must be addressed and handle properly. Silverwater Plumbing pay attention to details and has the skill to carry out a first class bathroom renovation, creating comfort and quality for years to come.

Silverwater Plumbing offer quality service and expertise in bathroom renovations throughout Sydney. Our professional plumbers have years of experience in creating professional and high quality bathroom renovations. We work side by side with all tradesmen involved on the project and guarantee the work and project will be complete as scheduled.

We are the professionals you can trust with your beautiful, new bathroom renovation. Call Silverwater Plumbing today to get started in your bathroom renovation needs.

I can’t speak any more highly of Cam and his team. My bathroom looks amazing!

Lucy Kerr


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